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Native Spanish teachers for your lessons.

We are an online language school with extensive experience in teaching Spanish and Spanish for Business


Our students obtains excellent results. We have developed an innovative and highly specialized training program to teach Spanish to professionals working in finance, business and trade. 



We teach Spanish according to each situation. You will learn what you really want to learn. Our native teachers have experience to help you achieve your goals. 

What do we offer?

Our courses are aimed at professionals working in finance, business and trade, undergraduate and graduate students in these and other related fields. These are our courses:

  1. Spanish for Entrepreneurial Culture and Business Communication. 
  2. Spanish for Business Management and Administration.
  3. Spanish for travelers and different situations in South America.

Also, an approach to the reality of the business and commercial world in the Spanish-speaking sphere


How does it work?

Each of our students is really special and unique to us, so we create a portfolio for everyone. 


First, our trial lesson lets you know the methodology and materials to be used on our courses. So will identify your level and the strengths and weaknesses of your knowledge of the language. We use the video call platform of your choice.


We always adapt to your needs. You can book classes on the schedule that best suits your needs. 


Finally, you will choose your plan