Learn Spanish with music

5 stages to learn Spanish listening to music

Learn Spanish by listening to music.


If you have said to yourself: "I want to learn Spanish listening to music", you are in luck, since music in Spanish is present in many activities of our daily life, when we are in the car, in the supermarket or when listening to the radio we are in continuous contact with that language.


Wherever we go, musical notes and Spanish words surround us. However, on many occasions, we do not pay much attention to the songs, we only listen passively. When you arrive in a country where they do not speak your language, the first thing you find is music and in that moment you start to fall in love with another culture.


Learning a language by listening to music means using linguistic information with activities that we enjoy. The passion for music can be key, regardless of the language you learn.


We are sure that you know someone who learned Spanish when he was practicing for a recital at school or while meeting with his friends to play the guitar and just sing.


Here are the stages we propose so that your learning is always a pleasant activity.

learn Spanish with music
Use Spotify for learning Spanish

1. Choose a song that you like

You can find applications to learn Spanish by listening to music online and for free, because if you like music, you will not have difficulty choosing the song you want to learn with or revising a language, but if you do not have a song in mind, start by listening to something Fashion or recommended by your friends and above all, try to listen to the same song several times.


During the day we listen to many songs, but we forget to repeat them. Remember, that repetition is one of the most important factors in learning a language.

2. Try singing without reading the lyrics of the song

If you are looking to improve your pronunciation, try to sing and improve the pronunciation more and more with each repetition, but remember that it is not advisable to read the lyrics in this second stage. When you try to sing by reading the lyrics, it is easier for the pronunciation mistakes you make to come back. In this first moment is not serious if you do not understand the meaning of the letter you hear, the essential thing is to improve the pronunciation.


A student of My Spanish Classes said in class that a complementary help might be trying to write the lyrics of the song while listening to it. It is a good exercise, but it can only be carried out by those who have an intermediate or advanced level of the language of learning.

3. Search the lyrics of the songs on the web

Some clicks can help you find the original lyrics of the songs you want to learn. Search Google «letras de... » find the lyrics with the translation from the original language to your language. 


You will see that little by little you end up taking practice and you will understand better how to learn to listen to music in Spanish.

Learn Spanish very fast using music.
Choose a playlist for learning Spanish.

4. Listen to the song and read the lyrics

If you are looking for a method to practice Spanish, it is time to listen to your favorite songs and learn their lyrics, you will surely learn words that you did not know or that you knew with another meaning.


Concentrate on the phrases that seem most interesting or just learn a saying.

5. Listen again and practice with karaoke

When you feel ready to sing and you know very well the lyrics of the songs, go ahead and practice in karaoke! For this, we recommend the Lyrics Training page. This page has selected songs by level of learning Spanish or any language, it contains several comprehension, writing, reading and pronunciation exercises.


Now that you know the lyrics and that you manage to memorize them, you can listen to them while you sing anywhere. Repetition is a fundamental pillar of memorization.


If you follow the 5 stages mentioned above, we guarantee that your ability to memorize vocabulary will increase.

Enjoy music and learn Spanish!

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