Our Native Spanish teachers...

Business Spanish Teacher
Virginia Zamora Villalta

My name is Virginia Zamora Villalta. I am from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I have a degree as a Teacher in Art History and now I am studying Educational Administration.

I have worked as a Spanish teacher for several companies and executives in Brazil and the United States. I have over eight years worth of teaching experience online. 

My lessons have multiple purposes, the sessions focus on skill improvement, including communication, authentic relating and team dynamics. Self-awareness is developed, in order to expand and broaden student's goals and horizons.

I use my teaching experience and business knowledge experience to help students with issues including:

  • Preparing for job interviews. 
  • Giving presentations. 
  • Speaking and listening during the conference calls. 
  • Writing emails and messages. 
  • Reading reports and articles in Spanish. 
  • Understandings terms particular to industries like Finance, Entrepreneurial Culture, Business communication and Administration.