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Business Spanish Teacher, Spanish teacher online.
Teacher Virginia Zamora Villalta

My name is Virginia Zamora Villalta. I am from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I have a degree as a Teacher in Art History and now I am studying Educational Administration.

I have worked as a Spanish teacher for several companies and executives in Brazil and the United States. I have over eight years worth of teaching experience online.

My lessons have multiple purposes, the sessions are focus on improve your skills. This includes communication, authentic relating and team dynamics. Self-awareness is developed, in order to expand and broaden student's goals and horizons.

I use my teaching experience and business knowledge experience to help students with issues including:

  • Preparing for job interviews. 
  • Giving presentations. 
  • Speaking and listening during the conference calls. 
  • Writing emails and messages. 
  • Reading reports and articles in Spanish. 
  • Understandings terms particular to industries like Finance, Entrepreneurial Culture, Business communication and Administration.