Take your trial Spanish lesson ...

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Trial lesson. Learn Spanish online now.

Why do you need to take a trial Spanish lesson?

A trial class is useful for:

  • Knowing our Spanish teacher.
  • Knowing how you will work and the methodology being used in each lesson.
  • Knowing what kind of material you will use in the course. For example: readings, videos and others.
  • Knowing the tools, like video calls apps (Skype, Google-Hangout, Zoom or Blue-Jean) that you will use in the lessons.
  • Knowing or verify your Spanish level.

What's next?

 At the end of the class, we will follow these steps: 

  1. We will send you an email with the result of the evaluation carry out by your teacher.
  2. In this email you will know your level, as well as the report of your strengths and weaknesses in the Spanish.

All of these details, let us know how we will increase and improve your development in all areas of the communication that you are looking for in the Spanish classesIf you have any additional doubts or request about your needs before your lesson, please do not hesitate to contact us.